Timetable from April to the end of October

April / May / September / October only in the afternoon
In case of bad weather on request

Attention: Ship station “Zollhaus” is currently unavailable due to revision!

We ask far-traveling passengers (Traveler from outside of the Kanton Obwalden) to contact Handy 077 499 24 19, so that any booked out rides can be communicated in time.

Sarnen ab *09.15h 11.00h 14.30h 16.20h *18.10h
Kurhaus ab 11.05h 14.35h 16.25h
Wilen / Waldheim ab 09.30h 11.15h 14.45h 16.35h 18.20h
Sachseln ab 09.40h 11.25h 14.55h 16.45h
Zollhaus ab 10.10h 12.00h 15.30h 17.15h
Giswil / Camping ab 10.15h 12.05h 15.35h 17.20h
Wilen / Waldheim ab 10.40h 12.30h 16.00h 17.45h
Sachseln ab 10.45h 12.35h 16.05h 17.50h 18.30h
Sarnen (Endstation) an 10.55h 12.45h 16.15h 18.00h 18.45h

* For booking at least 10 Persons. Extra rides and companies please register.

Small snacks, ice cream and beverages on board