Timetable from April to the end of October

April / May / September / October only in the afternoon
In case of bad weather on request

We ask far-traveling passengers (Traveler from outside of the Kanton Obwalden) to register by means of contact form or Handy 079 642 95 68, so that any booked out rides can be communicated in time.

Sarnen ab *09.15h 11.00h 14.30h 16.20h *18.10h
Kurhaus ab 11.05h 14.35h 16.25h
Wilen / Waldheim ab 09.30h 11.15h 14.45h 16.35h 18.20h
Sachseln ab 09.40h 11.25h 14.55h 16.45h
Zollhaus ab 10.10h 12.00h 15.30h 17.15h
Giswil / Camping ab 10.15h 12.05h 15.35h 17.20h
Wilen / Waldheim ab 10.40h 12.30h 16.00h 17.45h
Sachseln ab 10.45h 12.35h 16.05h 17.50h 18.30h
Sarnen (Endstation) an 10.55h 12.45h 16.15h 18.00h 18.45h

* On sundays, public holidays and working days please register by phone the previous evening. Extra rides and companies please register.

Small snacks, ice cream and beverages on board